(Completed in 2005)

Looking down center aisle into one of six growing cells in the research greenhouse .
Glass on aluminum frame looking towards exhaust fan and electric service panels-with metal headhouse beyond north glass endwall.
Modine PDP gas unit heater vented through aluminum penetration plate in glass roof in front of glass gable partition wall between two cells.
Special extra heavy duty, welded benches for agronomy research in glass greenhouse.
View from north greenhouse cell into connecting corridor to headhouse.
View of motorized double roof vents on National aluminum-frame research greenhouse, glazed with Solatex light diffusing tempered glass.
View of inside cell of glass greenhouse with HAF fan, exhaust fan and glass gable partition wall visible.
View of heater stacks through neoprene boots on aluminum penetration panels in glass roof on National brand aluminum greenhouse frame.
View of rack and pinion pad vents on glass greenhouse. Actually six separate systems, one for each cell. Heater exhaust stacks for each of cells visible through glass roof. Pad for Phase II greenhouse being prepared to right of picture.
View of glass glazing on aluminum frame with insulated metal stemwall. Double roof vents at peak of greenhouse and 12 exhaust fans (2 per cell) on west sidewall of greenhouse. Heavy duty aluminum walk door on south endwall.
View of existing Phase I glass greenhouse with pad wall rack and pinion vents in operation and Phase II glass greenhouse under construction.
Two glass on aluminum frame greenhouses with six cells in each house. Woven shade cloth over two of six cells in Phase I to front of picture, Phase II at back of picture with metal headhouse at north end extending past both greenhouses.