(Completed in 2012)

South end view of Nexus Vail galvanized steel research greenhouse glazed with 8 mm clear twin wall Polygal polycarbonate panels. Note four Acme slant wall fans exhausting air out east wall. Two fans are located in each cell.
View of interior partition separating two research cells. The partition wall is glazed with 8 mm  clear twin wall Polygal polycarbonate panels and flashed and caulked to roof and wall panels.
Close up view of flashing to seal roof and sidewall at 8 mm twinwall polycarbonate partition wall between separate research greenhouse cells.
Interior view of one research cell looking towards Koolcel evaporative pad cooling system. Note concrete floors that slope to trench drain under the pad system. HAF air circulation fan suspended from bottom truss. 3’6” aluminum walk door with half glass window. Outer end wall to left. Partition wall between research greenhouses to right. Growing benches were added shortly after these pictures were taken.
Close up view of trench drain (before protective installationcovers removed) on pad wall side of greenhouses. Note one in front cell and 2nd trench floor drain visible in next cell beyond partition wall.
Close up view of Acme 4” thick Kool-cel pad evaporative cooling system mounted in stainless steel Acme PDR-4 distribution and return system. View of black plastic sump tank covered by our own unique 2-part black fiberglass lid to house water for the cooling system and sump pump. Note drop leg and bleed off tube near door to drain part of system water anytime pads are operating to help keep down salt levels in pad water.
Side view of Modine Hot Dawg natural gas heater with power vent, vented out the sidewall with double wall vent pipe. 12” HAF fans overhead for air circulation and note intake side of slant wall exhaust fan on wall under the heater.
View of exhaust fan wall of one research greenhouse cell. Note intake side of two Acme slant wall exhaust fans. One is single-speed and one is 2-speed to allow more ventilation options. You can also see Modine Hot Dawg heater and J&D 12” HAF circulating fan hanging overhead above concrete floors.
View showing corner flashing, gutter downspout adapter and heater vent pipe out through side wall. Also note the Acme slant wall exhaust fan which allows higher CFM air movement with interior mounted shutters that lift open instead of blowing open when the fans are powered on.
View of Nexus Vail greenhouse frame during construction. Note Acme exhaust fans, Modine heaters, and HAF fans already installed even before glazing the structure or adding the glazed partition wall to divide this greenhouse into two separate research cells.
Construction complete on pad wall side of greenhouse. Features Acme motorized aluminum intake shutters over the Kool-cel evaporative cooling pads. Separate aluminum-clad 3’6” wide walk doors into each research cell featuring lever locking handles and half glass windows.

For more information on this greenhouse or any others, please contact us at appas@americanplant.com or call (405) 787-4833.