(Completed in 2003)

Partial view of service corridor with overhead air conditioning duct. Features insulated metal panel stemwalls with upper walls glazed with 8 mm clear triplewall Polygal structured sheets. Roof of corridor covered with heat reflective 8 mm Primalite twinwall polycarbonate panels. Electric sliding doors with security badge opening into each of 17 bio-hazard level 2 cells. Argus computer control and contactor panels in corridor for each adjacent cell.
Remote ballast plant lights overhead. Motorized shade system overhead with rack and pinion roof vent on leeward side of slope with accordion insect screen. All surfaces glazed with 8 mm Polygal triple wall clear polycarbonate panels in gasketed aluminum extrusions on Nexus Vail galvanized steel rigid peak frame.
Blackout system for daylength contol. Partially deployed in roof over PL remote ballast plant lighting but below motorized shade system. White rollup walls for blackout still rolled up at top of walls. Ebb and flood rolling benches under Argus aspirated control sensor, which measures temperature, light, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. 
Leeward roof vent operated by Wadsworth VC100 vent motor. Roof vent is open with accordion roof vent insect screen deployed to prevent insects entering bio-hazard level 2 cells. Motorized shade system bunched up against truss to left and operated by Elero “book” motor to left. Nexus Vail rigid peak frame glazed with 8 mm triple wall structured polycarbonate panels.
Motorized sliding security doors in vestibule between corridor and group of three bio-hazard level 3 research greenhouse cells with air pressure differential for plant virus research. All concrete floors with floor penetrations to full service basement under greenhouses. Note insulated metal stemwalls and 8 mm clear triplewall Polygal polycarbonate walls on Nexus galvanized steel greenhouse frames. PVC gutter downspout from interior greenhouse roof gutter to collection pipe in basement. Note Wadsworth roof vent and shade control panels on wall and Argus aspirated control sensor hanging overhead.
View of ebb and flood rolling benches with stationery LS wall shade panels on back wall. The water supply tanks and bench pumps to service each of these benches are in the basement under each research cell This cell features both motorized slope/flat/slope shade system just under the roof line and full motorized blackout system to control day length  at bottom of of roof trusses. Blackout system also includes white blackout rolling systems for all 4 walls in this cell. Note remote ballout plant lights mounted just under the blackout system and Argus control aspirated sensor suspended over the ebb and flood benches.
View of typical air conditioning supply duct into west research cell. Note remote light ballast mounted under ebb and flood bench frames. Also note roll up sidewall blackout curtains that can be deployed on all 4 walls to block light and create “night” on demand when used with overhead blackout ceiling.
View of PL light reflector and bulb. The remote ballasts for these innovative plant lights are mounted under the two outside stationary benches. This design reduced overhead light shadow and moves the heat created by the ballasts under the bench where it can help heat the root zone. Note the 1/4″ stainless steel piping, fog system valve and one of the many Mee fog system nozzles to help humidify and cool the greenhouse at 1200 psi. Lights are installed under the motorized shade system and triple wall polycarbonate roof.
View of ebb and flood benches under PL lights and motorized shade system in typical west research greenhouse cell. Stationary Svensson reflective shade on back outside wall and triplewall clear polycarbonate panels on sidewalls to left and right. Note Argus aspirated sensor hanging above benches.
View of Argus control and contactor boxes and sliding aluminum entry doors into 17 air conditioned research greenhouse cells spaced down each side of service corridor. Roof of service corridor glazed with 8 mm Primalite heat blocking doublewall polycarbonate panels. Note air conditioning distribution duct hanging overhead to heat and cool the 180′ long Phase 4 service corridor.

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