USDA Maricopa Research Greenhouse-Maricopa, AZ
Project Completed in 2006

10 separate BL2 research cells on right in 5 gutter connected Nexus Vails. 8 separate insect rearing cells in air chimney Nexus Vail on front left. 2 cells in air conditioned Nexus Vail on middle left and 4 cells in air conditioned Nexus Vail on back left. All structures with insect screening over inlets and intake shutters and over exhaust fans. Concrete floors with collected drain water. All structures glazed with 8 and 16mm acrylic twin wall panels in gasketedaluminum extrusions. Completed in 2006


 8 bay insect breeding facility. 4 cells to each side of central corridor under air intake chimney that provides air to cooling pads on corridor wall of each BL2 cell. Two screened exhaust fans to exterior of each cell. Hot water heating, concrete floors with curbs around each cell and floor drains. 8 and 16mm acrylic twin wall panels on Nexus Vail with air chimney. Completed in 2006  




8 bay insectory for production and quarantine of insects. Modified Nexus Vail with screened air intake chimney, screened exhaust fans, pad and fan cooling from central corridor. 8mm acrylic panels in gasketedaluminum extrusions. Installed 2006



5 gutter connected Nexus Vails divided into 10 separate research cells with a partition under each gutter and under each ridge. Screens over intake vents and pad systems and screens on exhaust fans. Glazed with Deglas acrylic panels. Completed in 2006



5 bay gutter connected Nexus Vails divided into separate research cells with partitions under each ridge and under each gutter with screened shutters over pad systems, screens on exhaust fans and with hot water unit heaters. Cable frame above greenhouses to support exterior shade system. All surfaces glazed with twin wall acrylic panels. Completed in 2006



2 cell air conditioned research greenhouse with dividing partition under the ridge line. Features motorized shade system, screened exhaust pressure vents and acrylic twin wall glazing on a galvanized Nexus Vail frame. Curbed cells with concrete floors and collection floor drains to create BL2 research cells. Completed in 2006