University of North Florida Rooftop Research Greenhouse-Jacksonville, FL
Project Completed in 2011

Arial view of completed coral research greenhouse on the roof of the University of North Florida.


20’ x 92’ National Brand aluminum single slope coral research greenhouse mounted on the 4th floor of new science building at the University of North Florida, designed so lines blend in with building design below. Glazed with clear tempered glass on heavy aluminum frame.


End and tall side view of research greenhouse after mounting two large fiberglass body cone exhaust fans to provide summer ventilation of glass greenhouse.


Close up view of fiberglass cone exhaust fans on rooftop research greenhouse. Note roof vent at peak of single slope research greenhouse.


Construction photo that provides good view of aluminum I-beam framing on National aluminum greenhouse. Note door opening before door installation and greenhouse mounted and flashed to short concrete stem wall.


Interior view of pad end of research greenhouse during construction. Note Modine Hot Dawg heater to provide heat. J&D 12” horizontal air flow fans to provide air circulation under glass roof. Band of aluminum air intake shutters installed on end wall will provide air to Kool-cel pad system.


Close up view of 12” J&D HAF fan mounted on heavy National aluminum frame under glass roof.


Outside pad end view of rooftop research greenhouse. National aluminum single slope frame glazed with tempered glass. Note bank of Acme air inlet shutters over Kool-cel pad system. Roof vent open at peak of roof to provide fresh air. Note heater vents out sidewall of greenhouse.


View of Link4 weather station to operate with the I-Grow 1600 controller operating the glass rooftop greenhouse in the background.


View of short sidewall of rooftop research greenhouse. Aluminum frame glazed with clear tempered glass. Note flashing where greenhouse mounts on concrete curb. You can see heavy aluminum and glass walk door and heater exhaust stacks in picture. Greenhouse benches and part of the motorized shade system are visible inside the greenhouse.


View from opposite rooftop of completed National aluminum research greenhouse. Note Kool-cel pad system is installed on one end wall, fiberglass cone exhaust fans on the other end wall. Motorized shade system under clear glass roof is visible in this picture.


View from adjacent wing of new science building showing 4th floor rooftop level research greenhouse. Note motorized shade system with Svensson reflective fabrics of varying shade levels on all nine bays.


View of National aluminum rooftop research greenhouse looking up from courtyard of new science building. Greenhouse glazed with clear tempered glass and installed to line up with architectural features of main building.