USDA Stuttgart Rice Research Greenhouses-Stuttgart, AR

Two large air conditioners with supply and return air ducts into two air conditioned cells glazed with insulated glass used for rice research.



Motorized shade system under insulated glass roof on galvanized steel frame of square tube.  Note double roof vents with insect screens at vent opening through opening in shade system.


Glass greenhouse still under construction.  Note aluminum entry doors and slant wall exhaust fans for this cell.  This greenhouse features double roof vents, a lightning protection system on top of greenhouse ridge, motorized shade system and concrete stemwalls.  Greenhouse butts up against headhouse and offices.


View of two earlier Phase I greenhouses with a central service corridor in background and newer Phase II gutter connected research greenhouse with two long greenhouses with a central service corridor to foreground.  These galvanized steel frame greenhouses are glazed with tempered single glass panes in pad and fan cooled cells and insulated glass on air conditioned cells.

Clear tempered glass on galvanized steel frame with concrete stemwalls.  Note two slant wall exhaust fans for each greenhouse cell.


Small gutter connected service corridor serving research greenhouses to both sides.  Note roof vents are open on the service corridor to provide fresh air to the cooling pads on the corridor wall of each cell.  You can see the motorized shutters open to allow air to reach the Koolcel pads in a cell visible through the windows on the double door at the south end of the corridor.  Each greenhouse has lightning protection spikes down the greenhouse ridge and you can see the shadow caused by the slope/flat/slope motorized shade system in each greenhouse cell.


Tempered 5/32” thick glass on galvanized steel frame with concrete stemwalls and slant wall fans.  Also note gutter downspouts, light fixtures inside cells and lightning protection on greenhouse ridges.


Tempered glass on galvanized steel frame on concrete stemwall with roof vents, slant wall fans and PVC downspouts.  Note pipe bollards to protect exhaust fans along service driveway to access headhouse.  Note one set of roof vents is open over one of the greenhouse cells.


Slope/flat/slope motorized shade system under tempered glass roof in “closed” position to provide roof shading to crops below.  Mounted on galvanized steel frame.  Note top of Koolcel evaporative cooling pad system in background, roof vent controls on wall above pads.  Also note hot water supply and return piping to unit heaters.


Tempered glass on galvanized steel frame with pad system, motorized shade system and high pressure sodium plant lighting systems visible over concrete floor before benches are installed.


View down service corridor with research greenhouses to each side.  Intake air for pad systems in each cell provided through roof vents overhead.  Air then allowed into individual cells as needed through motorized shutters on both sidewalls that open when the Wadsworth control system in that cell call for air or the more advanced stage of wetting the Koolcel pad system just inside the shutters in each cell.  The sater sump tank for each cell is visible in the corridor as are the controls and electric panels for each cell.


Plate for sidewall post on top of concrete stemwall.  You can also see an exhaust fan through the glass wall and some of the high pressure sodium light fixtures hanging over the concrete floors where benches will be located in the future.