USDA Oxford Research Greenhouse-Oxford, MS

47 ½” wide 16 mm twin wall acrylic panels installed on aluminum greenhouse frame in aluminum extrusions with gasketed caps. Note spacers under panels on purlins to support glazing panels across width of sheets.


View of twin wall acrylic glazed roof vent showing insect screen at vent opening with another greenhouse in background.  Note spacers at midpoint of each sheet on each purlin.  Slope/flat/slope motorized shade system visible under glazing.  Slant wall exhaust fan visible on sidewall on next longer greenhouse in background.


View of north endwalls of 3 greenhouses towards headhouse with view of connecting corridor for west range in background.  Note roof vents on each greenhouse with insect screens at roof vent opening.  All are aluminum frame greenhouses glazed with 16mm twin wall acrylic panels above insulated metal stemwalls.






View of 6 research cells.  Two in first range, one to each side of service corridor and 4 cells in far range with 2 cells to each side of service corridor for that range.  Note roof vents on all 6 cells and exhaust fans on outside walls.  The fans on the nearest cell feature insect screening over the exhaust side of the slant wall fans.  Aluminum frame greenhouse glazed with 16mm clear twinwall acrylic panels above 2” thick insulated metal stemwall panels.


View of 2 cells gutter connected to each side of a service corridor with roof vents open on each cell.  Note insect screens with brushes around operating racks at intake opening of roof vents.  These are aluminum frames glazed with 16mm clear twinwall acrylic panels above 2” thick insulated metal panels.  2 slant wall exhaust fans on each visible cell.  Exterior insect screen frames on exhaust side of fans in front cell.


View of gutter downspout and condensate collection box at outside low end of gutter.  Note twinwall acrylic glazing in aluminum extrusions on aluminum frame greenhouse.


View of end of Koolcel pad system for a cell mounted above insulated metal stemwall.  Note twinwall acrylic panel between door opening and pad cooling system.  See hose bib plumbed through stemwall to service the connecting corridor.  Note flashing to force incoming air to go through pad system.


Outside insect screen box covered with anti-thrip screen over slant wall exhaust fan.  This will help prevent insects entering the greenhouse through the fan shutters and is part of the requirement for BL-2 biohazard level 2 research.  Note insulated metal stemwalls and 16mm twinwall acrylic glazing in aluminum extrusions.