USDA Ft. Reno Research Greenhouse-El Reno, OK

View out west sidewall of tempered glass on aluminum frame greenhouse with view of greenhouse endwall connection up against metal headhouse to north.







Motorized shutters on sidewall of glass on aluminum frame greenhouse.  Cooling pads will install on 2 stringers to inside of aluminum shutters on outer wall.  Note intermediate gutter downspout that drops in space between shutters and pads and then out through the insulated metal stemwall to the outside.  Note the trench drain installed in the concrete floor under the cooling pad system with the greenhouse floor sloping towards this drain.





Gable partition between cells with tempered glass on aluminum frame above insulated metal stemwall.  Note the 2 exhaust fans, 2 heaters and fanjet visible in the end cell through the partition wall.







Aluminum greenhouse flashed into headhouse with motorized shutters covered by insect screen over the air intake shutter opening above the insulated metal sidewall.  Note heaters and fanjet inside greenhouse and intermediate gutter downpouts inside greenhouse that elbow out through greenhouse stemwall.


Aluminum pad stringer to inside of sidewall posts.  Motorized shutters to outside of wall, trench floor-drain at low point in concrete floor.  Greenhouse frame mounted on concrete curb.  Insulated metal panel under pad inlet shutters and tempered glass above shutters on aluminum greenhouse frame.


Interior view of aluminum endwall frame where greenhouse flashes to headhouse.


Closeup view of insect screen secured with plastic coated wiggle wire on aluminum frame over pad inlet shutters with tempered glass wall above pads.  Note insulated metal panel stemwall under pads and intermediate gutter downspouts elbowing through wall onto concrete sidewalk.


View of motorized pad inlet shutters over Koolcel pad wall.  Note 2” insulated metal panels used for stemwalls under the shutters and tempered glass above the shutters.  See interior downspouts elbowing out through the stemwalls.


View of north endwall where greenhouse meets metal headhouse with fanjet and 2 gas unit heaters before windows installed in openings to headhouse.